Professional Community Worker, Humanitarian and Mental Health advocate with a passion for culture, people and community.

Every couple needs dedicated time to be together.

Image by [Johnathan Borba] via [Pexels] Copyright free

Life for all of us becomes very busy quite quickly. One moment we have endless time for love, recreation and fun, the next, we don’t. Unfortunately, our relationships are often the areas that get put on hold in the busy seasons. We don’t stop loving our partners, not even a…

The desperate need to change culture, and address the issues.

Image by [Nathan Cowley] via [Pexels] copyright free

It is no secret that men deal with mental health issues. Like all people, men struggle with the inner demons that lie await on the inside. Although most of society remain in the dark and are unaware of the alarming statistics that reveal the extent of mental health issues amongst…

Where do you stand, or can you stay somewhere in the middle?

Image by [Mikhail Nilov] via [Pexels] Copyright Free

What side of the aisle do you sit on? Do you see yourself swinging more to the left, or more to the right? In relevance to issues, where do you stand on abortion, gun laws, white supremacy or any of the other contentious topics we face in society today? Many…

Why the imperfect people, have the greatest success.

Image by [Brett Sayles] via [Pexels] Copyright-free

We are all inspired by the heroes of our time. Every generation has heroes, and each generation aspires to be like them. From Nelson Mandela to Mother Teresa, Michael Jordan to Aretha Franklin. Heroes become inspiration because they did something truly extraordinary. It isn’t hard to view our heroes in…

Stop focusing on the scale, start focusing on being a better you.

Image by [SHVETS Production] via [Pexels] Copyright-free

The health industry is booming now more than ever. More and more people are jumping on to try and be more healthy. However how often do we watch the classic commercials, try out “Proven” diet plans, and do whatever it takes to reach a place that may be unrealistic for…

Understanding why Equity is a greater force for change in society.

Image by [Alexander Suhorucov] via [Pexels] Copyright-free

Equality is a concept more familiar in today’s society. Whilst the world is far from it, conversations are being made and change is taking place for a more fair and equal way of life for all. And whilst the promotion of Equality is a foundational and necessary starting point, it…

Surrounding myself with people that only bring value to my life.

Image by [Soulful Pizza] via [Pexels] Copyright-Free

Have you ever grown tired of bad friends? I’m not talking about the friends that are often late or that you have arguments with, I mean that’s all of us right? I’m talking about the kind of friends that are constantly dragging you down and adding absolutely no value to…

Becoming an ally matters more than you know

Image by [Samantha Sophia] via [Unsplash] Copyright-free

The Women’s rights movement has been in motion for centuries. There has been great progress and positive victories, especially within the last decade. However, we’re still a long way off from real equality. We have seen women coming together, showing great resilience and courage to push through the hardships society…

Joe Valentino

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